Wednesday, January 22, 2014

P90X3 Transition Week - Isometrix & Dynamix Workout Reviews

Phase 1 of P90X3 consists of three weeks of intense workouts and then one transition week with a different set of workouts. I thought "transition" meant a time for the body to take a breather and refresh for Phase 2. I was wrong.
P90X3 Transition Week is Not for the Weary
The first two workouts of the transition week are Isometrix and Dynamix, or the yin and yang of stretching/flexibility/mobility workouts.  Isometrix requires you to hold a fixed position for 45 seconds. Most of these are yoga poses, including extreme variations of plank, tree pose, chair, and down dog. When I say extreme variations, I mean things like side planks with upper leg lifted, regular planks with one arm extended, and down dogs with one arm gripping the contralateral ankle and the other foot extended skyward. You lose your balance just concocting that pose in your mind.

I tend to not enjoy things I'm not good at, and many of the Isometrix moves challenged me extensively. I finished the workout and immediately ran to the P90X3 calendar to see how many more times I'd have to endure this workout. (Luckily, it's only on the schedule 2 more times. Whew!)

Dynamix, on the other hand, has you moving throughout each pose, with very little static or isometric holds. It is very heavy on lower body mobility and flexibility and I found myself wishing Tony Horton had included a few more upper body movements. While there are a few plank variations, which certainly challenge the upper body, the only upper body specific move was a simple shoulder stretch. Especially since many P90X3 workouts are driven by pushing and pulling movements, a few more upper body mobility moves would round out this session nicely.

The interesting thing about Dynamix is that, on the P90X3 calendar, in addition to being a workout during the Transition Weeks, it is also listed as an optional workout for your rest days. So you can either rest (not do a workout) or do Dynamix.  This is akin to saying you could either read a magazine or you could read a 300 page novel.  You should not pop the Dynamix workout into the DVD player on a rest day and expect a light stretch and no sweat. In my first three weeks of P90X3, I took a full rest day each week. After completing Dynamix during the transition week, I'm glad I did. One full day of rest does a body good.

The rest of Transition week involves X3 Yoga and CVX from phase 1, in addition to two new workouts: Pilates X3 and Accelerator. After the first two workouts, I'm already expecting intensity.

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