Friday, January 3, 2014

P90X3 - Days 1 & 2 Workout Review

I began P90X3 on 12/31/13. Here are my initial thoughts on the first two workouts.

Day 1 - Total Synergistics: This workout uses bodyweight, the chin up bar, and dumbbells. The moves are complex, involving multiple major muscle groups within each exercise - hence, working synergistically.  On day 1, I was unable to do the moves on the chin up bar, so I used the resistance bands for those. I was excited to get started with P90X3, so I had a lot of natural energy flowing as I began the workout.  My Ultimate Kit also came with an energy and endurance supplement, so I drank 4 oz of that 20 minutes before beginning my workout. That probably raised my energy level a few notches too.

I am proud to say I could do all of the exercises (sans the chin up bar ones) and I did most of them really well.  I performed all of the pushups in a non-modified format and maintained good form.  I was cautious and chose lighter dumbbells the first time out for some moves and will increase the weight next time. I honestly thought the workout would be harder and was hoping this was just an easier workout to kick off the program. At the end of the 30 minutes, I felt like I could - and should - keep working out and even contemplated jumping on the elliptical machine for a few minutes. I think that might have been that energy supplement talking :). I noticed that this workout is only in month 1, so I am guessing it is one of the easier workouts in the system.

Total Synergistics - P90X3 workout

Day 2 - Agility X:  Put 2 strips of tape on the floor, 3 feet apart. Mark them with X's.  X marks the spot. Hit the spot.  That's the premise of this high speed, agility workout.  The only equipment is your bodyweight and that tape.

It was New Year's Day and I was ready for day 2 of P90X3. It was a rainy day here in Orlando, and despite drinking my energy and endurance drink again, the overcast weather made me a tad less energetic than day 1.  If I had any doubts from day 1 that P90X3 workouts would be less than challenging,  they were all removed by the end of Agility X. This workout had me skating, lunging, jumping, and running all over my taped up hardwood floors. It was entirely nonstop for the full 30 minutes - so much so that I had to press pause twice and take a few breathers. While there are a few planks and pushups in this workout, it is mostly lower body exercises. The pace and variety of movements made this workout fly.  Compared to Synergistics (day 1), I felt thoroughly worked at the end and I didn't have any desire to jump on the elliptical for a few more minutes.

Two days in, so far so good. :)

Agility X - P90X3 workout

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