Monday, February 3, 2014

P90X3 Transition Week - Pilates X & Accelerator Reviews

P90X3 transition week continued with Pilates X and Accelerator and then finished with CVX and X3 Yoga, which were workouts also found in Block 1.

Pilates X - This workout has you laying on the floor the entire time, mostly working your core and flexibility. Tony also wants you to focus on rapid, forceful breathing which I dropped 2 minutes in because it sounded like I was in labor. I wanted to focus on nailing the exercises and form as best I could and that loud breathing made me lose my concentration. Aside from a few challenging side planks, this workout was fairly restful for transition week (could be because I wasn't doing the lamaze breathing). Pilates X only shows up in the transition weeks between blocks and twice during Block 3, which is good since it is not a workout I particularly enjoy.

Accelerator - This is meant as a cardiovascular workout, but also includes plenty of bodyweight resistance training. Out of 20 exercises total (which you perform for one minute each), 9 involve some variation of a plank: mountain climbers, burpees, walking planks, swimmer's planks, etc. The final move is particularly intense, involving a donkey kick (hands on floor, kick both feet up in the air behind you), then landing on the ground pulling one leg through to the side while raising an arm in the air and attempting to balance in a one legged frog stance. (It looks much cooler than my words are alluding to.) However, I would highly recommend either pressing pause and practicing this move slowly and/or not worrying about keeping up with Tony and his posse. As with the majority of transition week workouts, Accelerator only appears in the P90X3 program two more times, which is a shame as it is a great workout with a lot of variety.

No external weights are used in any transition week workout (aside from CVX) and I found myself missing push ups and pull ups, in addition to other weighted strength moves. The transition week workouts were nice to add variety into the schedule, but I am glad some of them only appear a few more times.

30 days down, 60 to go. Next up: Block 2!

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