Sunday, January 19, 2014

Wrist Pain During Workouts? Try Strength Wraps

My snazzy Green/Black Strength Wraps
Prior to P90X3 showing up at my door, I knew I needed to do something to help my wrists during the excessive push ups and pull ups that the P90X3 advertisements promised were coming my way. I've always had wrist pain during push ups, specifically in my left wrist. I've tried all the alleged antidotes over the past few years, from using hex dumbbells to neutralize my push up grip to modifying my body and hand position. Nothing worked. I could go a few days pain free, but then the gnawing pain in my radial wrist joint would flare up and I'd have to lay off push ups for several weeks.

Then I found Strength Wraps.  They were listed among several pieces of equipment on a random website's "Top 10 Holiday Gifts for Cross Fitters." They're primarily used to support the wrists during overhead presses using heavy weights, but they're marketed as versatile enough to use during your entire workout, without compromising form or function during body weight exercises. I ordered a pair for myself after reading several reviews and watching a few "how to" videos. Everyone raved about them and they seemed simple enough to use. I was hoping they would work for me too.

I am three weeks into P90X3 and haven't had wrist pain at all in the past month, thanks to the Strength Wraps. I wear them for any workout involving push ups, pull ups, or a significant amount of planks.  One of the P90X3 workouts is entirely push ups and pull ups (The Challenge). This week during The Challenge workout, I did approximately 48 regular pushups, 90 modified push ups, and 40 assisted pull ups - my wrists felt great afterward. They barely knew they had a workout.

The Strength Wraps are comfortable, washable, and easy to loosen and tighten. They do not get in the way of any exercise or movement and I barely know they're there.  They come in a variety of attractive colors and styles too! I am constantly amazed that these simple wraps aid my performance and allow me to push past boundaries that were previously dictated by physical discomfort.

I am not being remunerated for this review in any way. I just really believe in this product and after 10 years of suffering from wrist pain during push ups, it's amazing to have found a simple, cost effective solution. Check them out for yourself at .

Disclaimer: If you feel any pain during a workout, always STOP and consult a physician first and foremost. This blog post, nor any products recommended, are not a substitute for medical advice or diagnosis by a qualified medical practitioner. 


  1. Hi Karen. I'm having an issue with my wrists too. I'm curious if these will help. The pain is on the top of my wrist where the hand meets the arm. Right in the center. Is this similar for you?

  2. Hi Kendra - thanks for reading. My pain was more toward the side of the wrist where the thumb meets it. It's amazing how providing a little more stability and "pressure" on that area just through the wraps solved my problem. One thing I tried prior to purchasing these wraps was putting old school tennis wrist bands on my wrist - i doubled them up (i.e. putting one on, and then another on top of it) just to provide more stability. It felt so much better, but i wanted to look "cooler" :) so I went ahead and got the strength wraps. Good luck to you… :)

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  5. Nice piece of information!!! In the squat, wrist wraps, can relieve pressure if you take a grip that uses a bent wrist. Nowadays, with the rising popularity of Starting Strength and their accompanying squat model, many people squat with straight wrists and their thumbs over the bar. For those who use this technique, wrist wraps won’t be particularly helpful. Keep on sharing!!!


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