Tuesday, January 7, 2014

P90X3 - Days 5 & 6 - Workout Review

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Day 5 - CVX:  Fast heart rate, short rest breaks: that's my 6 word minimalistic review of the P90X3 CVX (Cardiovascular) workout.

Maybe the workouts are catching up with me, or maybe I was just having an off day. But this was the hardest workout to get through so far. CVX is full of faster paced full body moves like lunges, jumps, high knees, but you carry a weight in your hands the entire time and lift that in various directions as your lower body lunges and squats. Tony recommends not using anything heavier than a 12 lb weight; I used a 6 lb sandbell, and that was heavy enough.  CVX is the day after the pull up and pushup workout (The Challenge), so my upper body was really feeling the movement today.

I had to push pause and take several extended rest breaks throughout and never was I so glad to see the P90X3 screen clock hit 0:00. But I did get through it… glad I don't have to see it again for another week.

Day 6 - The Warrior: After CVX zapping my energy the day before, I was worried about my stamina getting through this no equipment, full bodyweight moves workout.  Surprisingly, I nailed almost every move.  Elevator pushups, rolling boats, and one legged squat jumps are just a few of the challenges in this workout. But by far the hardest was the thumbs up pushup, which is essentially a plank, pushup, and then plank with contralateral limbs raised off the ground, so that you're in plank position with only one hand and one foot on the ground at a time. I modified by not doing the pushup in the middle, but still struggled with the 1 arm/1 leg plank.

The 30 minutes went by quickly as Tony structures each set with a upper body move, a cardio blast, a core move and then a lower body exercise. Rest for 30 seconds. Repeat with a different set structured the same.

Overall, a great workout - elevated heart rate, lots of sweat, and feeling pretty tough at the end.

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