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Exercise Tips
5 Cardio Mistakes You Might Be Making
Best Upper Body Exercise: The Push-Up
Best Lower Body Exercise: Lunges
Best Core Exercise: The Plank
A Yoga Primer
Gym Ettiquette
Why Work with a Personal Trainer
Finding Time to Exercise
Easy to Do, Anywhere Workout
Making Your Workout More Productive
You CAN Quit the Gym... I Did

Weight Loss
Motivation: Using Music to Help You Move
Motivation: Fitness Quotes
Better Goal Setting: Rethinking Resolutions
Stand Up For Your Waist
Keeping the Weight Off

Other Fitness Links/Product Reviews
101 Revolutionary Ways to Be Healthy
America's Health Rankings - How Does Your State Rank?
Great Fitness App: Nike Training Club
Review: The 17 Day Diet
Eating Out on The 17 Day Diet
Review: The Lean Belly Prescription
Don't Be Fooled By Fitness Frauds
First Timer's Guide to Stand Up Paddleboarding
Twitter as a Fitness Resource
Review: Ultimate Sandbag
Review: Equalizer by Lebert Fitness

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