Wednesday, January 1, 2014

Even Personal Trainers Need Motivation: My P90X3 Resolution

As a personal trainer, I love writing fitness programs for other people, but I get bored with writing them for myself. I look to other trainers to help me advance my own fitness level as well as provide me with new ideas and knowledge that I can use with my clients.

In the latter half of 2013, my own personal fitness motivation really sagged. I dealt with some personal health issues that caused the scale to go up a few pounds despite still working out consistently and watching my diet. (Darn that thyroid!) And other life stressors just got in the way and I found myself just going through the fitness motions without passion or joy.  This was actually a good experience for me as a trainer, though, because it reminds me of what my clients go through and how they need my help and motivation.

And that's what I needed: help and motivation with my personal fitness plan. I came across it in an unusual way. I was reading a blog on the ACE Fitness website and saw an ad for T25, a 25 minute workout system by Shaun T (creator of Insanity).  I clicked over and reviewed it for a few minutes, but then got sidetracked by an ad on that site for P90X3. (Oh the Internet, helping everyone lose their attention span one ad at a time.)

For the next week, I researched P90X3 every way that I could: I watched videos with Tony Horton, read reviews of those who were in the test group, and read blogs of individuals who were just starting the program. P90X3 launched in mid December, so there isn't a lot of "been there, done that" reviews to read, but I researched all that I could. And I was inspired and impressed with what I found.

The marketing worked on me - I purchased the most expensive kit, the Ultimate P90X3, with a chin up bar, a jump mat, Elite workouts, resistance bands, and more. Even after I ordered it, I continued to research and prepare. I was probably just trying to assuage my buyer's remorse after dropping a hefty sum to I still felt good about my purchase though, and once the box arrived with all the goodies, I knew it was a good deal.

Ultimate P90X3 Kit

If you haven't heard of P90X3, here's a brief synopsis. It's from the same creators of P90X and P90X2. However, you don't have to have completed either one of those to do P90X3. (For the record, I have not done either program, nor any other Beachbody fitness program.) This program contains 30 minute workouts focusing on resistance exercise and cardiovascular endurance using body weight and minimal equipment. Along with the exercise plan is an eating plan, focusing on smart choices and realistically moderating intake. There are no gimmicks with the plan - it's nutritionally sound, you're not asked to give up one food group, and you can either count calories or just monitor portions. Because P90X3 is sold by Beachbody, which also has a whole line of supplements, they encourage you to partake in some of them, but it's not mandated by the eating plan.

So on December 31, 2013 I began my P90X3 journey. It will actually be about 120 days, because I am doing the Elite block in addition to the 90 days.  I will chronicle it here and I hope you join me. If anyone reading this is also doing P90X3, please chime in. Let the journey begin! :)

Trainer's note: P90X3 is an extreme fitness program, it is not for everyone. Let me be frank: Participants should have some baseline strength and endurance in order to not hurt themselves doing these activities. Before beginning any exercise program, always consult with your physician. 

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