Thursday, January 2, 2014

P90X3 - The Journey Begins

Zero Hour

As I begin my P90X3 journey, it's important to cover some basic information: goals, expectations, equipment, etc.

Time commitment:  P90X3 is based on the fact that it's a quick, in and out, 30 minute workout (it's actually about 33-34 minutes with the cool down). I work a full time job and operate my training business on the side. Plus I have very demanding 4-legged kids and a spouse who I like to spend time with. 30 minutes a day is perfect for busy individuals and I can commit to 7 days a week of working out.

Intensity: Testers of P90X3 lost significant body fat and weight by completing these 30 minute workouts. The reason why is that they're intense. You need to bring it, hard core for 30 minutes straight. Science has shown that high intensity interval training workouts are more effective at reducing fat and improving fitness levels than longer, steady state exercise.

Nutrition: Proper nutrition is imperative to getting great fitness results. I will be following the P90X3 eating plan and since my order came with several supplements, I'll be trying those out and reviewing them too.

Equipment: All of the workouts in P90X3 can be done with bodyweight, dumbbells, and a chin up bar. Resistance bands can be substituted for the dumbbells and chin up bar and modifications are given in each workout. Since I purchased the Ultimate Kit, I now have a chin up bar to complete my home gym. (Note to Beachbody - please include more detailed instructions on putting the chin up bar together. One picture with numbers and dotted lines all over it did not make for an easy hour.) 

My Goals for the next 90-120 days:
I am doing the Elite program after the basic 90 day program - so I will note goal progress at both 90 and 120 days.

  • Lose 10-15 pounds
  • Lose 8% body fat
  • Complete 3 unassisted chin ups
  • Complete 20 consecutive non-modified push ups

First Impressions upon Opening the P90X3 Box:

The P90X3 program comes with a great fitness and nutrition guide - it's worth it to read it BEFORE beginning day 1. In the guide is a fit test, which will show how much progress you've made during the program. The test is a mini-workout in itself. The guide will also help you determine your eating plan. There is also a getting started DVD, which should be watched prior to jumping in day 1 as well.

From a personal trainer's perspective, the P90X3 system is based in science and the creators have put a lot of thought and effort into making a complete package (eating + moving) that, if followed, should help participants reach their fitness goals. I personally believe in all of the principles that guide both the fitness and eating plans. So at this point, having read all the materials, I'm impressed with the program and feel it is high quality and a sound investment.

As mentioned previously, this is marketed as an extreme fitness program. I naturally worry about my ability to undertake such extreme exercise (which is why I don't do CrossFit). But as Tony Horton (the P90X3 trainer) points out, we've got 90 days to build up - we won't be perfect the first time we do each workout.

The only downside thus far has been putting together that darn chin up bar. However, once I did figure it out, it is a super cool home gym addition!

Next stop: Day 1.

Read more about why I chose P90X3 as my New Year's Resolution. 

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