Thursday, May 5, 2011

Geography for Your Health

Do you ever wonder how your state compares to the other 49 when it comes to matters of health? Apparently someone wonders, hence the website America’s Health Rankings. It is a super cool, yet pretty sobering, website offering state by state statistics related to all things health. Check out a few stats below and then be sure to hit up the website if you want even more data.

Top 5 States for Physical Activity:  Minnesota, Colorado, Oregon, Utah, Arizona

The 5 States that Consume the Most Fruits/Veggies: Vermont, Connecticut, Maine, New Hampshire, California

The 5 States with the Highest Levels of Obesity:  Mississippi, Louisiana, Tennessee, Kentucky, Oklahama

The 5 States with the Lowest Levels of Obesity: Colorado, Connecticut, Massachusetts, Hawaii, Vermont

Healthiest State Overall: Vermont!  (For my devoted cross-country readers: Minnesota ranked 6th, Utah 7th, North Carolina 35th, Florida 37th, Kentucky 44th, Alabama 45th in terms of Overall Health Status.)


  1. Thanks for this post. It is interesting to know where we rank and now, I need to rejoin in the active Minnesota group, now that Luke is here!

  2. Thanks for the MN shout out! I need to get my motivation up and running. Your blog is helping me get there!